Magical 2

Written and photographed
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  • Vhincci Subia
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  • A relief from nature.

    I rested on my nest soporifically,
    And never veered for something else.
    Tatty feathers were scattered,
    But they didn’t cause to bother.
    The next thing I can remember,
    Was the sun stroking radiance on my face.
    “Holy crap,” I tweeted,
    And I immediately stood up.
    Still dizzy, still weak,
    To start a new day of challenges.
    Now I realized, crows weren’t that effective;
    That I woke up indolently, after the light sets in.
    Now, I dismantled again the tradition,
    “The early bird catches the worm.”
    I left my scruffy nest;
    I forced myself to move.
    My wings were paralyzed;
    And that convinced me to walk.
    I reached the park I always passed everyday,
    Still the same as yesterday.
    But this time, I felt my soul being shattered.
    My heartbeat raced with my breath.
    My body lost some balance,
    My sensation was being played.
    Then, inspiringly, the sun intensified;
    Its tentacles touched every single leaf.
    Meritoriously, I was relieved.
    As this lifeless moment turned to such enlightenment.

    The above photo was also taken at the park behind our school. The place is definitely a heaven. I really love the trees when the sun illuminates the leaves and the cool wind tickles them. Indeed, refreshing!


    Elisabeth Hirsch said...

    Awesome! I LOVE the picture and the accompanying poem. My favorite line is:
    "My wings were paralyzed;
    And that convinced me to walk."

    LV said...

    Another wonderful sharing of nature.
    Also, some more of your thoughts and words that are definitely very good. You should be a writer.

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Thank you Elisa! A comment from a writer? Wow! Really appreciate it.

    Actually, I don't know if that was a poem, if it sounds good or what... just had the courage to post it... Lol!

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Thank you for the kind words LV!

    Writer? I wanted to be a good one. :)

    Shanae Branham said...

    How interesting! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a very supportive comment!

    emmanuelmateo said...

    soo it!!keep it up bro.

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Thank you Shanae & Emman... :)

    robkaskaian said...

    Nasilaw ako sa sobrang greenish.

    di ko talaga forte ang ganyang writings vhince. booooo ako. hahaha.

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Kung makapagsalita naman itong si Rob... :) Haha!

    H A R R Y G O A Z said...

    EXCELLENT !!! Following.

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Hmmmm... thanks! :)

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