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  • Determination and strength: My luck, my charm not to stay out of the game!

    It was lunch time, I didn’t pray for the food. Instead, for claps and appreciation. And to rank first in class. Three o’clock prayer came. I didn’t rhyme with the group. But wished to become the valedictorian, then cum laude after high school.

    Dinner time. Bed time. All I prayed. Aside from kired ken pigsa (fortitude and might). Were honor, distinction, commendation, fame, name, merit, greatness and prestige.

    Glad I really have true friends Christine, Essen, Sulamita and Joanne. Who helped me a lot. Again, to pray. Win things. The presidency of the student council. Mathematics challenges/quiz bees. And writing contests. From division, to regional, and national Schools Press Conferences (SPC).

    March arrived and revealed a salutatorian title. I was frustrated. I accepted it. I stayed calm. I know my capability. But there's no such thing as forgiveness to my overlooked, biased position in the editorial staff of our school organ. Bullshit.

    Summer sunshine rose. What should I do? Choose to be happy. Pray for the same things. And think of a course to take for college. Nursing. That was the trend before. And I bit it. Although, Journalism. And Mass Communication are my love.

    As I entered college, I didn’t join to any organization. I stayed passive. Just in a corner. I didn’t want to move and dance, and just tumble after. I was scared. An after shock after high school. No politics. No intermissions. No confidence.

    I tried to excel in my subjects. I topped an examination in Statistics. Got all the questions right. Some quizzes too. 100 percent. I became a scholar once. These, I experienced. But sad. It wasn’t in the whole course of my four years of studying. It was just hard to do well in things you know you don’t love. Well, I made an effort.

    I didn’t compete. I just enjoyed. I didn’t want to make my life to suffer. To agonize. And to be bounded in the corners of a college life. I didn’t save my allowance. I spent it. I bought my luxuries. My wants. Cakes. Grilled chicken. Jo’bee. Chow’. And all.

    I was so lax in my studies. I mean, I let it go the way it should be. I always came to class late. That was in the morning. But mind you, I balanced it in the clinical by being on time. I even experienced not to attend a class. At least, a minor subject. I slept in class – Jurisprudence in particular. Sorry, I’m bored.

    But I found Community Health Nursing enjoyable. I love nature and I love the community. The environment. Every walk, I treasure. The folks. Their smiles. So perfect to capture. The eagerness among them. Their hospitality. All of these – so heartwarming!

    Lastly, I gained friends. Something to be proud of. First year, Joan, my seatmates, my high school classmates and the rest. Second year was Dan and Dan (Lol). Third year was Missy, and the group. Fourth year were Mae, Cleo and the gang. I loved them much. I have them in crimes. Laughs. Downs. First, we were afraid, we were petrified. But then, we survived.

    And now, here comes graduation! There's no countdown anymore. It's final. And indeed, fulfilling.

    But what is more satisfying now is not having any award knowing you only gave a good play than having a secondary award knowing you gave a better play for it.

    The photos were taken at Dariwdiw, Batac, Ilocos Norte during a community immersion. The place  would not cause admiration at first... but wait! After trekking it... after meeting the people... after the three days of community exposure... you will appreciate it more... more... and more... giving inspiration in our lives.
    The Place. It was serene. Glowing effects around after the rain. Vast greens - the enormous swaying bamboos and their various crops. Myriad of different colored butterflies twirling in the atmosphere. Princes in their palaces and some died as captives. I mean frogs around, dead or alive. Plus, battalion of dogs.

    The People. Warm welcome was catered to us. Smiles. Health-conscious. A Ms. Congeniality Housewife interviewed us. Some were busy. Doing household choirs. And visiting their farms.

    Their Life. Deep well. Pump. Decomposed trees. Scraps were piled and very organized. There was this folk who walks... everyday I guess... to reach neighbors, and friends. The canteen. Offering affordable snacks, lunches. Banana cue for Php 3. Student meals for Php 25 comparing it with the usual Php 35 to Php 40. One serving of spaghetti for Php 15. Pancit/Arroz Caldo/Macaroni Soup for Php 10.

    And what really amazed me was their road. Partially cemented (Refer to the photos). Enough to have a good friction and acceleration for transportation. And not to have a muddy trail when the rain comes.

    Awesome place. Practical people. Simple life. 


    Elisabeth Hirsch said...

    You are such an inspiring person. I love reading your blog and seeing these amazing picture. You're such a talented writer and photographer.

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Wow! Thanks Elisa. You too. You're more talented. You got powerful hands. You can write. You can sew. :)

    Kim, USA said...

    I was right when the first time I read your blog. You have the talent and the skill of a very good journalist. But since you choose to be in the medical field it doesn't mean you can't be with your first love. Because I tell you first love always comes knocking at your door hehehe. Just enjoy and explore the world. So much opportunity in your generation that is open to you just don't forget one thing to give thanks to the SOURCE of your talent. Happy Monday!

    Vhincci Subia said...

    "But since you choose to be in the medical field it doesn't mean you can't be with your first love."

    Someone also told me this. It was my Psychology instructor.

    Yes. I really thank God for these.

    Thank you for the impression Manang Kim. :)

    One Fly said...

    This is really good stuff you're putting up Vhincci!! And I like that some of the pictures get bigger. Can't get over the green.

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Thanks Fly! :)

    youth_in_asia said...

    This is a great blog. Your photos are perfectly selected to enhance both the anecdotal part of the story as well as illustrate your themes. Beautifully done.

    =supergulaman= said...

    Wooahhh.. English blog. Should I comment in English or with our native language? ahehehe...

    Well, as they said and from the things Ive read, you have the talent and the skill of becoming a good writer. Unlike me, I am actually a math major... a math man..licensed.. but due to life difficulties I have to sacrifice things and become a writer. Currently I am working as a writer-researcher of an online firm based here in the Philippines, Ive been working for this company since my college was already 7 years I guess. But I'm still hoping that one day I can be with my first love - Mathematics... ^_^

    NatureFootstep said...

    very green shots indeed.

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Thanks Jon. Hopefully, I can maintain it... :)

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Thank you for dropping by Super G! Wow! A math man. Idol ko tlaga yung mga magagaling sa numbers. Good for you... :)

    LV said...

    You should feel a lot better now. You voiced your thoughts and emotions instead of keeping them bottle up. We all go through different phases of life that we would like to change. You are doing just fine. Never give up or quit. You are a very intelligent person. Just remember most of the time, your life is what you make it.

    emmanuelmateo said...

    hmmp..binaggit mo yung spaghetti..hmmp!!

    well, i just want u to know that i appreciated this one. soo green. and the message really captivated me.

    January said...

    Wow you're such a good writer and i bet a very intelligent person. I usually do not read long blog post but today I was engrossed and was able to read it from top to bottom. I envy you because you have a talent in writing unlike me, a trying hard blogger. Nevertheless, though I'm not good at it but still I enjoy being part of this what we call "blog world".

    Thanks vhincci for dropping by.
    followed you..:)

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Thank you for those encouraging words LV! :)

    Vhincci Subia said...

    What about that spaghetti Emmanuel?

    What can I say? A message from the heart really captivates... :)

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Wow! Thank you for those words Jan... I will follow back asap... :)

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