Iced Gem

Celebrating a sweet life.

No matter how hard, how painful, how violent all the things around us and the things that surround us, we still find some time to drink, to sing, to dance, to party, to splash with the wave, to harmonize with the wind, to breath, to live. That's life, celebrating it, sweet and beyond.

The above was a shot of iced gems. Remember your favorite biscuit when you were a child? The throwing of the base, brown, biscuit part and just enjoying the sweet icing? Hey, these cute and nice biscuits are still there. They don't surround us, so better look for it around. Get the difference of around and surround that I'm talking about?
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Community People

Do organize, be organized.

It is all what we wanted to do and what we wanted to be. We tried. And tried. Again, tried. But we always failed. We are nailed by our unsound determination. We cannot maintain it. We end up staining it. We are all like these – the country, the government and the people – no exception. We have the administration, we have the opposition. There’s the military, there’s the NPA. Crab mentality. Vengeance. Corruption. Explosion. All chaotic people, now a traumatic nation! Woooh! Ceasefire bro!

The above photo inspired me a lot, that we should go back to the basic, consult the generation before us, on how they live their life without externalities and luxuries. Wow! They are very organized, of the things they have, the things they treasure. Seeing this, them, the community people made me realized that there is life far from the harsh Manila.

I’m lucky, not that I’m in love with my bestfriend, but I’m in love with my life here in the province, the life away from breath-taking and heart-breaking situations. 

Manila, Maguindanao, you're making me enjoy watching you all there! I cannot wait for next episodes! Action, thrill, what else to look for? (Praying.)
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Pagudpud | Year-End Sunset

All things must come to an end.

The sun rises cheerfully, furnishing us with hope – the sun sets majestically, instilling us with love. A tree is cut into pieces and burned – a charcoal is ignited and turned to ashes. Through metamorphosis, butterflies develop – through destiny, they disappear completely.
Great heavenly bodies, living and non-living things, beautiful creatures in this world – all entertained us, gave pleasure on our eyes and in a moment we don’t know they had vanished away. So what’s more to our feelings, the hatred, and all the love?

The above photo was taken at Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte last December 31. It’s the perfect way to end the year with friends, old friends. Yeah! We were all damp at the start of the day with all the drizzles that the weather showered to us but still we were rolling, kicking, laughing and enjoying every second. Oh wait! We don’t know the sun will popped again with this awe-inspiring sunset. 
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If there’s a starfish, there’s a starflower.

The merest reason why things keep being complicated is ignoring time at its best. We are always busy, we are always in hurry. We don’t mind what we passed by, what is around us. We are only seeing the bare, the just sufficient, in this world. We are missing the beauty, the supposed life God accorded to us.

The above photo was taken during our community immersion, as student nurses, just this first week of the year. This bright yellow blossom caught my attention while strolling the place, with its five petals, curved and anchored towards the center, forming such shape. An art isn’t it? Now, rearrange art(s) - what do we get, star.
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Ube Macapuno

I’m depressed. But I’m not deprived.

A street child manages to grin after receiving a 10-peso tip from work while an overseas worker manages to smile after receiving a telephone call from family. Well, it’s all about one’s threshold to happiness.
Understanding should be conferred then to a man at a corner, sitting, alone, thrown and despised, who doesn’t have what his everything can’t buy – love. We shouldn’t sneer at him. ‘Cause we don’t know him, we don’t know his life.

The above photo was a snapshot of Red Ribbon’s Ube Macapuno. I bought it because I was so down that time. I believed it’s the smartest time to get one when you’re depressed. At least you have one reason, even the slightest, to smile in a blue day.
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St. Augustine Church of Paoay

Make a joyful shout to the Lord, all you lands! (Psalm 100:1)

Thanking is a pride, it’s not a shame. It opens an entrance, it closes an exit. Hellos are cherished, goodbyes are perished. It welcomes the new, it strengthens the old. It gives happiness as much as it withholds anger. It’s countless, it’s harmless.

The above photo showcases the famous and stunning Paoay Church in Ilocos Norte. The church was built after 190 years of processing coral blocks, tree sap, stucco-plastered bricks and lumber, inspired by the baroque, gothic and oriental architecture. Now, that's what you call art - there's patience, there's creativity.

What is unique with it includes the walls, extending more than 3 feet; the 24 buttresses, displaying mosaic patterns; and the bell tower, standing few meters away from the main edifice. The church is still preserved after an almost-massive destruction from two earthquakes.
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