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  • Do organize, be organized.

    It is all what we wanted to do and what we wanted to be. We tried. And tried. Again, tried. But we always failed. We are nailed by our unsound determination. We cannot maintain it. We end up staining it. We are all like these – the country, the government and the people – no exception. We have the administration, we have the opposition. There’s the military, there’s the NPA. Crab mentality. Vengeance. Corruption. Explosion. All chaotic people, now a traumatic nation! Woooh! Ceasefire bro!

    The above photo inspired me a lot, that we should go back to the basic, consult the generation before us, on how they live their life without externalities and luxuries. Wow! They are very organized, of the things they have, the things they treasure. Seeing this, them, the community people made me realized that there is life far from the harsh Manila.

    I’m lucky, not that I’m in love with my bestfriend, but I’m in love with my life here in the province, the life away from breath-taking and heart-breaking situations. 

    Manila, Maguindanao, you're making me enjoy watching you all there! I cannot wait for next episodes! Action, thrill, what else to look for? (Praying.)


    Robert Cascayan said...

    Na intriga naman ako jan sa underlined phrase diyan sa post.. sino? Haha ;))

    Vhincci Subia said...

    It's not underlined... cross out po sya... so it's a mistake... lol

    Robert Cascayan said...

    I mean center-lined. Asus. Palusot ka pa. Haha

    Vhincci Subia said...

    ganun, palusot? intrigero! why don't u just comment on the photo itself, it's message...


    how about ur issue/jealous thing to ruff, which i heard in fb, as initiated by gem? --bumabawi, intrigahin din kaya kita... hehe...

    Robert Cascayan said...

    Ahahaha. Laugh trip much.

    As in may issue talaga? Ano yun? Showbiz? Haha.

    W-A-L-A. :)

    Back to your post.
    Im going to believe that MANILA is a cursed city/place.

    Vhincci Subia said...

    yeah right! manila... bka pag dun ako lumaki... tambay na ako ngaun... maraming bisyo... myembro ng fraternity... naninigarilyo... nasunugan ng bahay... binabaha... SABOG! ahaha! pero after all, it's all on the person, there's a choice, there's a decision.

    Robert Cascayan said...

    a person's commitment to change.

    we're lucky nasa probinsya tayo, tawagin man tayong mga promdi, at least, ang buhay sa probinsya...tahimik. fresh at masaya. well accept those peoplena taga-probinsya na ayaw talaga mabuhay sa probinsya.


    Vhincci Subia said...

    that's so true rob! :)

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