Holy Week in the Philippines

Celebrate or commemorate?


This Lenten, boiling RH Bill had simmered down as Catholic priests face the already evaporating spirit of Holy Week. Many Filipinos take this chance to enjoy and not to recollect. They go and grab their vacations – out-of-town, beaches, Macau, Hongkong, U.S., etc. They take pleasure in swimming, strolling by the shoreline and beach-partying at night. They don’t mind going to the church, praying and joining mass processions at dusk. All are running under the sun instead of walking when the moon is up, from tired employees to obvious examples, T.V. personalities. Yes, there are no television shows during Holy Week because they are all in Boracay! I am not questioning their liberty nor intruding the privacy that they are claiming but I just don’t get why they still announce their plans for Holy Week (of course, with their top choice, Boracay) and other unnecessary personal things (that in no time plead for privacy when they are in controversies). What? Because they are stars, they have LV bags and they can fly miles? More than that, they are encouraging viewers to at least try this and that. They are influencing the public this way. We all know they are good endorsers, they are beyond great sellers! Of seasonings, noodles, perfumes, briefs, even flesh! Dear, we should be alarmed. Our values are deteriorating. The essence of Lent is dying away.

Like fishes (or hotdogs) ready to be grilled, they have cuts in the skin; they are stuck and then placed over a burning coal. Indeed, it's a ruthless Good Friday in San Fernando, Pampanga. Flagellants are recounting what Jesus Christ undergone so to receive forgiveness and blessings. It’s a belief that no one dared to correct it – they questioned but not enough to put it right. It’s a tradition that existed many years – they exhibited it to the people and even tourists. I appreciate their braveness and so their devotion. But still, the ends will never justify the means even it satisfy it. What do they have in mind? The Lord wants them to inflict pain on themselves? Definitely no! No-no-no! He doesn’t desire anything in exchange but only love to all human. The blood circulating in a genuine heart is still the best solvent of sins. And let’s add a cupful of trust to dissolve evil concentrations. Discerning right from wrong is difficult. Judging may come in between. Prayers are all what we have.

They are not lechon paraded in the streets or a boodle fight showcased in the barangay but these cavalcade of holy statues is way relishing. The leniency of parading 86 enormous dioramas of Jesus Christ in majestic carriages with religious background music in Baliwag, Bulacan will never be doubted. But its solemnity? I don't know. Carrozas alone make it not a display of sincerity but luxury. And its openness to the public and to the media just lessens the sanctity of the event. Well, processions in our own hometowns will never be overthrown. Another activity reveled in by devotees and travelers during Holy Week is Bisita Iglesia. Yes, there are a lot of historic, Spanish, old, glorious churches in the Philippines. In every town, in every province, there's a famous church to visit.  These are maintained and reconstructed with the donations of the affluent, balikbayans and politicians. It only shows then that churches do reflect the wealth of a certain locality which is a good thing because we are giving back to the Lord (that is, if finances are not handed by mischievous arms). Finding pleasure is not an insult when commemorating. Finding meaning is a must in celebrating.
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Five Reasons to Visit Ilocos Norte

My summer version to Time’s!

An hour air travel; almost half day bus trip; unfeasible sea passage; and a lifetime dream – for him who was once a witness of Manila’s hostage crises, a window shopper during the many bomb threats in malls and a victim of street pick pockets; for him who had no choice but to stay for work, tolerate his abusive employer and continue providing for the family; and for him who just turned to a poor bridge over the troubled water of urbanism and had no idea how he can actually be with the water, enjoy the days and live life at its best – here in Ilocos Norte!

1. Bracing experience at Adams

“Bokarot,” word uttered by my father if asked where to spend one busy day, which never seemed good to my judgmental auditory nor looked a place of worth to my very particular eyes (though I never got a chance to visit it). Since then, I just leaved this I-do-not-want-to-mention place (as it really sounds scary) to my father’s interest. The bubbles of curiosity disappeared but the stain of ignorance remained years.

Until the town of Adams struck my notes in elementary’s HKS (History). I can still remember how my father, his friends and old folks answered my, once again, curiosity. They talked about this new-in-my-vocabulary municipality of Ilocos Norte in terms like “remote,” “forest,” “refreshing,” “cool,” “hanging bridges” and a suggestion, “better use a two-wheeled vehicle in going to,” because of its close-to-inaccessibility road features.

A vivid picture of previous black-and-white Adams was developed then during my high school years. That wasn’t through innovations – HD images, powerpoint presentations, etc. Instead, it’s the more-than-innovative discussions to stories of my biology teacher, Mrs. V, that helped me to understand – the ecosystem, kingdom animalia, plantae, and our environment – what we call science! She once described Adams as rich in natural resources, with their mountain and forests where we can find uncommon floras and faunas. I also learned that her husband, a head teacher in Adams high school, also drives the town with his motorcycle (in the same reason above).

Then later, I just discovered that “Bokarot” is a sitio in Adams where you can actually take pleasure mountain biking in the area. Wow! This only shows that the farming get-up of my father whenever he goes to the place (when I was still a child), had gone a long way of nonsense stereotyping. I mean, the place is such a paradise for me to overlook it.

Adams is located in the northeastern part of Ilocos Norte. It consists of only one barangay with less than 6,000 feet counts. The place doubles the virginity of even combined neighboring towns Pagudpud and Bangui. If awe comes after seeing the forests of the two other towns, awe joins inspiring after discovering the exquisiteness of Adams rainforests. The town also showcases not one, two or three but eight extraordinary waterfalls. Two of which, being admired by comers and goers, are the 25-feet Anuplig and Kanayupan. Likewise, the stretch of Bolo river which starts in Adams and ends in Bangui is very much abundant with scrumptious, province pride fishes, shrimps and shells. Trekking Mt. Palemlem (Mt. Pico de Loro), the highest peak in Ilocos Norte, is a favorite in Adams too. Many mountaineers had been dumbfounded – specifically after coming across the challenges the place has to offer, going breathless in exhilaration and lastly, tramping the cold expanse of Adams, not just because of the high altitude but also radiation (experiencing heat loss after exposure to secluded area which is of greater force or power opposite yours, that is with the same feeling when entering an abandoned mansion where one mistakenly refers this to the presence of ghosts or other supernatural entity).

Kayaking and rubber tubing in Bolo; rock climbing, rappelling and cliff diving the hard goodness of Adams; mountain biking their sitios; and simply strolling under the wide, accommodating, canopy-forming, century old trees! You can all enjoy these in loaded, blessed Adams!

2. Water flurries at Pagudpud

It was a struggling caterpillar at first. Finding ways, begging for love, waiting for the sun. After hardships and efforts, it turned to pupa, getting itself ready for tomorrow, for another coming of the sun. Until its wings formed. From peeking, to crawling, then soaring. And now everyone’s running after its promises! They want to see it! They want to catch it! Truly, Pagudpud have gone this far. Glad, I witnessed Pagudpud’s metamorphosis – its adventure, its fly to fame!

Pagudpud has a different impact on me when I was still in grade school. I always get excited every time they call for a picnic in Pagudpud. Because it would mean a grand gathering, a lot of food, and fun! From birthday celebrations to family get-togethers. If Bolo river nearby our house was just a palamig, Pagudpud was a halo-halo for me with three scoops of ice cream – ube, choco and vanilla!

One time, relatives of my father’s brother in law invited us in Barangay Caunayan, a fishing village in Pagudpud. The place got a lot of potential. It was like Saud beach with white sands, nice shells and plenty of coconut trees around. But Caunayan had a rugged look – that is, Saud like a man wearing shades, v-neck white shirt, walk shorts  in his shades and crocs, flaunting style and class while Caunayan like a man in black jacket and cargo pants in combat boots, giving in the other hand, the thrill or the so-called “kick”. This is because the barangay has wider coconut area, rougher sands and scattered twigs around. Of course, the welcoming folks served us during the picnic the best of their catches! As usual, I was delighted with the grilled fishes!

Pagudpud is located in the northern most part of Ilocos Norte and northwestern part of the country. It may not be an island alone but its coast is comparable to Palawan, Hawaii, and every beach-proud regions of the globe. Like Adams, entering Pagudpud, immediately after the arc, one can feel coolness and calmness. That aside from prominent beaches, canopy-forming century old trees which shield the sometimes-irritating tentacles of the sun, hilly areas which trap the playful air and the long-sticks-turned-fans-above coconut trees which reenergize breezes and create delightful ambiance are also gracing up this lowland heaven. It is not impossible then that Pagudpud is recommended by backpackers and foreigners, endorsed by the DOT and recognized by many – through awards, the Herald Sun (specifically Saud Beach) and other publicities.

Savoring the eyes isn’t Pagudpud’s only promise now but also uplifting the souls. Indeed, Pagudpud has upgraded. From just a mere glance and touch or just a free taste of the menu before, 0ne can now actually indulge in the unlimited sumptuousness of the paradise. Swimming as an all-time favorite during summer will never be a form of penance in Pagudpud (especially this holy week) because doing such will just violate one of the seven deadly sins – envy! And surfing, as looked forward by adventurers and tourists, is a special add-on in visiting the place’ boredom-killer waves!

But the major major attraction one shouldn’t miss is Hannah’s beach resort and convention center located near-or-almost Blue Lagoon, 20 minutes away from Saud. The less than 5 years established refreshment is situated few steps from the beach and few walks from the hill. There’s this lookout where one can afford a breathtaking view of the immaculate environment. The resort is equipped of swimming pools, billiards and a cozy bar. It has also a wide beach front of about 40 feet of ivory white sands before water – perfect to revel in driving their all-terrain vehicles (ATV). Boating? Speed boats, kayaks, pedal boats, rubber boats and banana boats – name it! All of these amenities in this hot-in-the-mind but cold-in-the-feeling spot!

So why not open this gift of God before Easter come!

3. Lurching spree at Sand Dunes

Ilocos Norte is one of the hottest provinces in the Philippines, in more than one sense – being the Marcos country, the home of superb tourist spots and the cradle of the Sunshine City, Laoag!

Laoag City, the capital of Ilocos Norte, records a substantial high temperature which can reach 30 degrees Celsius during the hot season. This is attributed, not just to global warming, but also to the city’s considerable huge population which includes both the residing and non-residing people contributing in the emission of carbon dioxide and decibels of noise. Therefore, anything that protects and rejuvenates us from a rampant sun – sunblock, sunglass, umbrella, cap, fan, cotton shirt, music, hammock, juice, ice cream, etc. – are very useful to survive an insipid day. But these are already outdated. Everyone wants something new, inimitable and spanking!

Actually, there’s an area being snubbed in the quieter eastern part. I wonder how it became unheeded to many despite its openness, its accessibility. Maybe, it has been associated to Middle East’ account – hot and hot! But actually, it is more than that! Sand Dunes of Laoag City is an alternative to go to for a tedious day.

Yes, the sun is still there but there’s no such thing as partiality to this heavenly body. I mean, the sun has its multiple rays to deliver life and energy to every part of the world – equally, immeasurably and unbiasedly. Now, the warmth in a certain place is just modified by the clouds, trees, people, factories and chemicals. And for Sand Dunes, the absence of trees and increased activities of the people imposes a warmer feeling due to less air current and increased metabolism respectively.

But isn’t it that it is more worthwhile if feeling intense because of liveliness and leisure interest than walking the corners of the city, that if so, you’ll go and buy something cold which is just temporary compared to the experience you can treasure in Sand Dunes?

Sand Dunes set off the wide area of sand ridges from Laoag and end in Paoay. It became famous because it is where international and local movies were filmed. Its imperfect but realistic feature makes everyone their choice over Middle East’. The place is like a chocnut, so real, so Pinoy! It’s not a toblerone, reese’s or kisses! Nor like Bohol’s Chocolate Hills that exhibit lavishness and is limited to the eye. That is, Ilocos Norte's chocnut mounds, through sand boarding and 4-wheel driving, can be tasted, can be experienced!

4. Zipline adventure at Banna

Banna, a place where cousins of my cousins lived. I had been there a few times because I used to go with them, when I was still a child. Then… boom! So sudden, I never got the chance to visit it again.

Describing the place where once in my life I strolled, stayed and enjoyed childhood is of great mango trees. I had enjoyed climbing the trees – old, vast but not exuding elevation. They are just within my reach. I can freely move up, down and jump! And as a child, having this experience is very satisfying.

The place has forests too. It is just that, their municipality is very far from my hometown. It is located south of Ilocos Norte while I was in the north in my entire life. Hence, hopping over the place and enjoy what it has to offer is not that easy. 

Then... So? What? I have nothing to say much about the place. Indeed, I, we, have still to discover Banna!

And for how many years of waiting, I heard Banna again! It was just several echoes before but with the determination to create an effect, the sounds had been arranged and now being played and called music. Yes, they call it being too ambitious by travelers, detractors and those who don’t believe to the capabilities of Ilocanos. But see, we made it! Such a promise that we lived for it and now bringing to every pleasure-seekers out there – the zipline adventure in Paraiso ti Caribquib, Banna! A 17 seconds trip to...

You should try it first and let us name where we just had a jolt of happiness!

5. Town cruising around Ilocos

From just the aforementioned destinations, truly Ilocos Norte is rich, one of a kind, perfect! What's more if I’ll tour you around the province!

Aside from Pagudpud and Adams, the north covers the town of Bangui, where one can view the astonishing Windmills, visit the mountain resort in Barangay Lanao, hike the Abang Falls where once a Philippine eagle landed some time in 2006, trek the sitios of remote barangays discovering pristine rivers and cascades and behold the golden ricefields of the town; Burgos, the municipality where historic Cape Bojeador and magnificent wonder Kapurpurawan white rock formations can be found; and Pasuquin, a fishing village, known for their salt industry, Dumadara (a kind of fish) festival, the unparalleled bread recipe of biscocho and spelunking their caves. One can also gaze the Sinking Bell Tower, stay in Java Hotel and tour the Ilocos Norte Museum in Laoag City.

While the eastern part comprises San Nicolas, known for pottery and kiosk-making industry as well as the first true mall in Ilocos, the Robinsons – Ilocos Norte; Piddig, where one can also stroll and ramble their virgin forests and where I tasted great home made ice creams – go Pinoy with avocado, go trendy with cookies and cream and go crazy with the chili ice cream, my first ever encounter of this flavor; Dingras, the hometown of Girls Scout of the Philippines founder Josefa Llanes Escoda and the famous rice granary of the north; Sarrat, the location of the 105 meter long Santa Monica church; and Solsona, a great place for river trekking and sightseeing of the glorious Ilocos-Apayao Road.

And the south of Ilocos Norte embraces Batac, the new city in the province, where we can see Marcos Mausoleum, the World Peace Center – office of Congresswoman Imelda R. Marcos and at the same time a picture gallery of the Marcoses, that seeing the place feels like time travelling; Paoay, the town of the UNESCO heritage, St. Augustine Church and the MalacaƱang of the North overviewing Paoay lake; and Currimao, another beach town of Ilocos Norte with darker sands and more cliffs in the shoreline, plus resorts, Playa and Pangil.

Come, drive, hike, swim, surf and fly now… in Ilocos Norte!
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Pagudpud | The Other Side

A pre-Lenten post.

I cannot hear anything in the street. No single murmurs of wives’ wicked mouths. Or shouts of wobbling shirtless drunkards. Nor heavy treads of playing kids. Where are they? Where are these? Hmmn. The busy neighborhood was struck by that “conscientious” illness again. I think it's yearly.

It was indeed a one motionless day. It was such a frustration I cannot find tranquility inside. I cannot but think and think. All over. All the things around. Why that cat still approaches me even I already kicked her many times? Why she got traffic so long in her way to love me? Perhaps I should love the cat first so she can love me too. Hmmn.

Maybe because of the heat of the sun. Summer! Maybe because I cannot eat some favorite pork dishes. Almost Lenten… Maybe because she thinks I’m gay. Society?! But whatever may that be, I need to pray.

I was in this hammock at that time, just a few meters away from our house. Then my uncle sounded out and invited me to go to the beach. He was smiling. So I thought he was joking. Then my cousin tried to stagger me out of the swaying hammock and asked me if I will be joining them. I assumed and answered, “Ok.” Then my aunt, calling me… “Intayon” (Let’s go!). So, it’s true. Haha!

Then they got into detail. Showing a solution for a boring day! We’ll eat our lunch there and enjoy the water after. Basically, it was unplanned. Just some food plus a ride equals Hello Pagudpud again! Yay! Wheeeew! Nice math! Lol!

We ate our lunch first in a cottage. We had a grilled big red fish with their preferred soy sauce with calamansi. Mine, were my favorite vinegar, chili and sprinkle of salt – as usual! My aunt also prepared a buco salad as our dessert. Yummy! Then after some talks and laughs, we explored the place.

Pagudpud is known for its white sands (Saud Beach) as well as for some astounding rock formations (Timmangtang Rock). Though I never got bored, I am already used with these wonders. So, in visiting such common places, I always look for something new… either to criticize or to applaud. Sorry to say, I really criticize if there’s nothing to applaud!

I chose to get south away from the almost congested shoreline. As I trekked the area, I got a glimpse of this kid. Interest popped in my head – to what he was doing and to what is beyond this dreary point with full of unwanted scraps, like those scattered small rocks in the sands and strayed seaweeds in the water…

I continued walking and I didn’t expect for this view. Lush shrubs and inclined coconut trees. A view of the mountain. The 3D like picture of the clouds. I just want to touch them. So bulk. So real. And these magnificent rocks. I was mesmerized!

Then farther than this point were nicer views of the rocks. But there was a group of people, 20 or more, having fun, their picnic too. They were not tourists but residents of the town. I was able to recall two familiar folks because I get to see them in the market selling fresh fishes. And also, they go to our house to sell some. We love fish dishes. From sinigang (soup) to tinono (grilled). Anyway, I stepped backward. Too shy to mingle. They might think I'm an intruder. Haha! So I just focused on these irregular but perfect shaped and time casted stunning rocks on my zone. The texture adds sharpness to the sight. Awesome! They look so historic, ancient… Vintage indeed rocks!

My cousin was so eager and curious around. Poor little boy, he cannot find shells here. And only these huge stones. Still, they look great. The cuts were exceptional, as if they were sculpted.

I saw some villagers too, paddling in their boats, actually of two kinds - the balsa, a flat floating structure made up of at least 5 long and fat bamboo stands braced firmly and the traditional bangka, a banana-formed vessel made up of plywood with two bamboo outriggers. I don’t know if they were really fishing but looking at them made me envious. I would love to go boating too. It is also an advantage that you can view the Windmills of Bangui even you’re in Pagudpud using these boats.

What amazed me again are those diamond sparkles created by the rays of the sun in those small waves of water. They look so pleasing! Also, I found this rock which I think, was a coral reef long time ago, where you can see cascade of water!

Invigorating air. Traditional cottages. Slender coconut trees. Exquisite rocks. Really, I enjoyed this sudden jaunt on April. Woooh! Here’s a one last shot of the place, where we stayed and ate our lunch.

Wow! The place just rocked my creative mind. I would love to buy this lot, the area and improve. I will put up a resort and will name it “The Rocky World of Vhincci.” I will remodel cottages and upgrade them to a classier one. Landscaping the place is also a great option. There will also be a restaurant catering mainly seafoods and modified fresh buco drinks. I will be the one to choose menus for every meal. But my father will be the cook. He serves quality and delectable cuisines. Talents of friends, classmates and other acquaintances will be exhibited at night. Unemployed friends of the family will be hired for some assistance to maintain the place. Rooms for stay in customers will be decorated with fresh flowers, composed of wooden beds and lowlights. Aircondition will never be a need as ornamental plants will accumulate all carbon dioxide, music and not noise will calm emotions and feelings, not too energy-consuming lights will conserve power and reduce radiation – I mean, a feel-good environment plus the natural breezes of Pagudpud will make everyone refreshed and relaxed. Different kind of boats will also be available for tourists to have some activities and to overview the windmills. All guests will have some free souvenirs before leaving in exchange with their printed smiles and few messages to be posted in a wall. The theme would be more of Pinoy touch with few Asian incorporations. From plates, spoons, forks, walls, ceilings, tables, chairs, music, staffs’ uniforms, everything!

I have a lot of ideas in mind. I hope this dream will come true. I am so excited. But I’m still 20 years old. So, a successful future to me for now! Wish me luck!

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Pagudpud | In Two Different Days

Before and after the rain.

Writing a feature about the place doesn't cause me at all to say, "This is too much.Because I, myself, knows that words are not enough for readers to go through a Pagudpud experience... to appreciate this lowland heaven!

The moment the car engine stopped, you would want immediately to get your feet in the sands. The moment you glimpsed the coconut trees, you would want to have some for drinks. The moment you saw other trippers having picture taking, you would grab the hands of your friends to have some too. The moment you observed that there are a lot of foreigner in the area, you would want to talk English and befriend them. The moment you noticed souvenir vendors walking around, you would want to check what they are selling and try their shell necklaces and bracelets. Hmmm. Funny!

These are but few excitements that Pagudpud gives to us which we cannot actually resist, any time of the year, be it on a weekend, holiday, semestral break, vacation, summer!

April. Summer time years ago. I think it was our first batch reunion after high school. In a cloudy afternoon.

Sometime in October I think. Two years ago. In a bluish atmosphere. Sunshine just after the rain.

Once called "Boracay of the North." Now, its bucolic beaches  are gaining fame and melting the heart of many. Being featured in Herald Sun by John Borthwick (2007), which named Saud Beach as Best Beach in Asia. And recently in Time Magazine in the article Five Reasons to Visit Ilocos Norte by Hans Villarica (2011): 
"Forget Bali and Boracay. World-weary travelers wishing to escape the crowds should head to Ilocos Norte's pristine sands. Pagudpud's stunning Saud and Maira-ira beaches are ringed by lush green mountains and feature clear emerald waters (neck-deep, you can still count your toes)."
So why not visit Pagudpud? Yes, today! And discover what is more than these words, photos and recognitions...
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Pagudpud | Ready for a Wet Summer

Rain or shine, it is still summer!

They don't have the scorching fire and the stars; only the humble wind and the native Ilocanos. They don't have the grandest resorts and hotels; only their refreshing coconut unders and nipa cottages.
Yes, that was depicting an unblemished picture of Pagudpud. And to complete the perfect frame are fancy white sands and bumpy rock formations. Maybe a sketch of disadvantages for others, but I say, these are honest flaws that will direct its way to development. It may not parallel the already mural name of Boracay or the wonder title of Palawan at present. But enlivening a new Da Vinci to paint a masterpiece Pagudpud is a sure thing my friend.

Now, Pagudpud is calm and poised. Bottomless and boundless. Shot and ready to be printed. But how will it face the new wet summer this 2011. Will it just soften like a tissue paper?

I heard the issue first in the last days of March [here]. Hmmm... So it will not be the hottest summer? It's alright, I said. But it will be a conflict to the schedule of vacationers. Right?

Then I, at a corner... thinking how to spend my summer. If it will really be a pouring experience. Where to throw away the fun? Where to see majestic views? Where to take good photographic shots. But why stressed my mind if we already have neighboring Pagudpud.

As I reminisced the time we had here, in a quirky conversation of the sun, the clouds, the rain, the waves, and the wind, I came into conclusion. Wet summer cannot get Pagudpud in trouble.

Here we go!

We really missed high school. Everyone of us. Those days. Isn't it? So when we, our batch, had the time for a reunion, a beyond summer get-away, we grabbed it. That clover chance! 

The day started just fine. We cooked for our lunch. After everything was up, we rode in a jeep to reach few kilometers Pagudpud. We were halfway when it drizzled. Then stronger. Bigger fall. Then it tuned... Now finer. Still, we sang, screamed, shouted, talked a lot. Until we arrived. All smile.

Because our poor tums were already begging for their coins, we took immediately our lunch. One hour later, we strolled the area. The weather. Dark. Bright. Wind. Rain. Unpredictable! Where's the fun here? Sorry, but we will start it right away! We'll be defining pleasure close to outrage! Wooooh!

First, we hit the waves! They were so cute. Like babies teasing and giggling. Blue! I was convincing a friend for a sexy pictorial. One did the demonstration. But my friend rejected the offer. Too shy, huh!

From small and shy to enormous and despicable splashes! These thrilled us.

We were shocked. Enthralled!

To keep the fun... we jumped and ran in the shoreline. Still with the chasing waves! They were irresistable!

Ok, this is not a family picture. But one in no-discrimination. Girl. Boy. Homo. Fat. Thin. Curly. Straight. We love our batch!

Then I found myself following two buddies. Before them are two foreigners, two surfers.

Having some nice shots. My friend - who refused to do some poses earlier. The surfer. And this flower in my soaked hands, shaking!

Then they asked me to join them in a group picture. Because I was taking pictures all along. At last, the tripod was used. They seemed excited! I thanked them for the smiles and the hug.

Finally, the sun came up and gave us this wonderful scene. What a perfect picture to close this another album of memories!

Click photos to enlarge and view in a slideshow.
An Entry to Blue Monday
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