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  • A pre-Lenten post.

    I cannot hear anything in the street. No single murmurs of wives’ wicked mouths. Or shouts of wobbling shirtless drunkards. Nor heavy treads of playing kids. Where are they? Where are these? Hmmn. The busy neighborhood was struck by that “conscientious” illness again. I think it's yearly.

    It was indeed a one motionless day. It was such a frustration I cannot find tranquility inside. I cannot but think and think. All over. All the things around. Why that cat still approaches me even I already kicked her many times? Why she got traffic so long in her way to love me? Perhaps I should love the cat first so she can love me too. Hmmn.

    Maybe because of the heat of the sun. Summer! Maybe because I cannot eat some favorite pork dishes. Almost Lenten… Maybe because she thinks I’m gay. Society?! But whatever may that be, I need to pray.

    I was in this hammock at that time, just a few meters away from our house. Then my uncle sounded out and invited me to go to the beach. He was smiling. So I thought he was joking. Then my cousin tried to stagger me out of the swaying hammock and asked me if I will be joining them. I assumed and answered, “Ok.” Then my aunt, calling me… “Intayon” (Let’s go!). So, it’s true. Haha!

    Then they got into detail. Showing a solution for a boring day! We’ll eat our lunch there and enjoy the water after. Basically, it was unplanned. Just some food plus a ride equals Hello Pagudpud again! Yay! Wheeeew! Nice math! Lol!

    We ate our lunch first in a cottage. We had a grilled big red fish with their preferred soy sauce with calamansi. Mine, were my favorite vinegar, chili and sprinkle of salt – as usual! My aunt also prepared a buco salad as our dessert. Yummy! Then after some talks and laughs, we explored the place.

    Pagudpud is known for its white sands (Saud Beach) as well as for some astounding rock formations (Timmangtang Rock). Though I never got bored, I am already used with these wonders. So, in visiting such common places, I always look for something new… either to criticize or to applaud. Sorry to say, I really criticize if there’s nothing to applaud!

    I chose to get south away from the almost congested shoreline. As I trekked the area, I got a glimpse of this kid. Interest popped in my head – to what he was doing and to what is beyond this dreary point with full of unwanted scraps, like those scattered small rocks in the sands and strayed seaweeds in the water…

    I continued walking and I didn’t expect for this view. Lush shrubs and inclined coconut trees. A view of the mountain. The 3D like picture of the clouds. I just want to touch them. So bulk. So real. And these magnificent rocks. I was mesmerized!

    Then farther than this point were nicer views of the rocks. But there was a group of people, 20 or more, having fun, their picnic too. They were not tourists but residents of the town. I was able to recall two familiar folks because I get to see them in the market selling fresh fishes. And also, they go to our house to sell some. We love fish dishes. From sinigang (soup) to tinono (grilled). Anyway, I stepped backward. Too shy to mingle. They might think I'm an intruder. Haha! So I just focused on these irregular but perfect shaped and time casted stunning rocks on my zone. The texture adds sharpness to the sight. Awesome! They look so historic, ancient… Vintage indeed rocks!

    My cousin was so eager and curious around. Poor little boy, he cannot find shells here. And only these huge stones. Still, they look great. The cuts were exceptional, as if they were sculpted.

    I saw some villagers too, paddling in their boats, actually of two kinds - the balsa, a flat floating structure made up of at least 5 long and fat bamboo stands braced firmly and the traditional bangka, a banana-formed vessel made up of plywood with two bamboo outriggers. I don’t know if they were really fishing but looking at them made me envious. I would love to go boating too. It is also an advantage that you can view the Windmills of Bangui even you’re in Pagudpud using these boats.

    What amazed me again are those diamond sparkles created by the rays of the sun in those small waves of water. They look so pleasing! Also, I found this rock which I think, was a coral reef long time ago, where you can see cascade of water!

    Invigorating air. Traditional cottages. Slender coconut trees. Exquisite rocks. Really, I enjoyed this sudden jaunt on April. Woooh! Here’s a one last shot of the place, where we stayed and ate our lunch.

    Wow! The place just rocked my creative mind. I would love to buy this lot, the area and improve. I will put up a resort and will name it “The Rocky World of Vhincci.” I will remodel cottages and upgrade them to a classier one. Landscaping the place is also a great option. There will also be a restaurant catering mainly seafoods and modified fresh buco drinks. I will be the one to choose menus for every meal. But my father will be the cook. He serves quality and delectable cuisines. Talents of friends, classmates and other acquaintances will be exhibited at night. Unemployed friends of the family will be hired for some assistance to maintain the place. Rooms for stay in customers will be decorated with fresh flowers, composed of wooden beds and lowlights. Aircondition will never be a need as ornamental plants will accumulate all carbon dioxide, music and not noise will calm emotions and feelings, not too energy-consuming lights will conserve power and reduce radiation – I mean, a feel-good environment plus the natural breezes of Pagudpud will make everyone refreshed and relaxed. Different kind of boats will also be available for tourists to have some activities and to overview the windmills. All guests will have some free souvenirs before leaving in exchange with their printed smiles and few messages to be posted in a wall. The theme would be more of Pinoy touch with few Asian incorporations. From plates, spoons, forks, walls, ceilings, tables, chairs, music, staffs’ uniforms, everything!

    I have a lot of ideas in mind. I hope this dream will come true. I am so excited. But I’m still 20 years old. So, a successful future to me for now! Wish me luck!


    chanpheng said...

    Beautiful photos! Makes me long for the beach!

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Thank you Chanpheng! So you're around South East Asia too? Nice! :D

    Elisabeth Hirsch said...

    So beautifully written. I LOVE this post ;)

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Wow! Thanks Elisa! A comment from a writer just flatters me! :)

    Jane said...

    Lovely shots! I love Ilocos :) and Pagudpod is absolutely a beautiful place to relax.

    Surrounded by Trees

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Thanks Jane! Definitely, Pagudpud is an awesome place! :)

    Luna Miranda said...

    your photos make me sigh.:p
    i was in Pagudpud a few months ago, but not in these parts. we parked in Blue Lagoon for the day. i miss the place. you're lucky to have this nearby.

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Yes Luna, maybe I'm lucky that Pagudpud is just within our reach... but Blue Lagoon is beautiful too. Haven't just featured it in my blog. Hopefully, if I will get a chance to visit it again... :)

    Anyway, welcome to my blog!

    youth_in_asia said...

    You really do have a pleasant little slice of heaven out there. Excellent photos, by the way. It's so beautiful.

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Yeah! I like that! Pagudpud, a little slice of heaven... Thanks Jon! :)

    Gypsi said...

    Thank you for sharing the lovely stories and photo!

    My tree photo is here.

    LV said...

    Wherever your are or whatever you choose to share, you always do a remarkable job. You are so skilled in your writings. All your photos are an outstanding.

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Thanks Gypsi! Welcome to my blog!

    Thanks LV! Always, for comments and love :)

    You guys are awesome!

    Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

    Dyan sa part na yan masarap kumuha ng landscape shots. Landscape Photographers like rocky shores =)

    Dani said...

    BEAUTIFUL <3 Makes me want to jump into a hammock and sleep all afternoon. I'm really, really itching to drive out of Manila now. The sea is calling meeee! Haha.

    Inggit me.

    Vhincci Subia said...

    @Christian - Masarap ngang kumuha ng landscape photos dito... Maganda kasi ang impact ng mga batong ito... Haha!

    @Dani - Dali, punta na sa Pagudpud! Hehe! Maganda ngayong summer, holy week pa! :)

    Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

    Interested din ako makita yung sa kabilang side naman ng Pagudpud. Di ko pa napuntahan yung far side eh, yung parang may punong nag iisa.

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