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Romancing Ilocos’ most extensive and expensive hotel

[Hotel Ilocos: Sauntering Fort Ilocandia, one of the oldest and premier resort hotel in Norte (at the lobby, shopping center, garden, mini zoo and fountain area).]

In the sundrenched immensity of Ilocos Norte where foliage of happiness easily withers, comes an ingenious countertype of hothouse which thrives the budding of climate-sensitive enjoyment…

From Left: The entrance of the resort. The main building.

Fort Ilocandia Resort and Casino is nestled amid exquisite ridges of sand and unruffled pine trees accrual, titivated with 2km-stretch private beach fronting the South China Sea, in the city where the sun leaves great hopes and expectations. This first in Northern Luzon, grippingly laid in the acres of Southwest Laoag, is fitted out with world-class niceties in which you can feel the zest for fun, adventure and life in the most unexpected setting.

From The Past: The stunning architecture of Fort Ilocandia surely relights one to history.

The resort complex, flaunting Moroccan and Spanish colonial architecture inspiration with its brick-walled edifices, ushers you in the realm of sumptuousness. Rooms are furnished with usual hotel conveniences while some suites are afforded with Internet connections, Jacuzzi and other personalized amenities to befit the needs of different customers.

From Left: The garden of Fort Ilocandia. Sculptures - man hunting a deer.

Known for its completeness, the resort extends its services to restaurants, caf├ęs, bars and lounges to appease the desire for food, beverage and entertainment. The shopping center is also at hand to proffer fashion-forward things, refined jewelry finds and special souvenir items. Likewise, the Casino Filipino is open 24/7 to mollify your finger tempers, giving much pleasure to gaming aficionados.

From Top Clockwise: The brick pathway. The landscaped garden. The stairway.

A gamut of activities is dished up for you to revel in such as sand adventures, water flurries and other sporty activities. You can try archery, shooting range and paintball, tennis, horseback riding as well as ATV and 4x4 driving to warm up. And then check out the hottest diversion in town, the recently published in your daily newspaper, sandboarding. Kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, boating and beach volleyball are also offered in the resort.

From Top Clockwise: The lights of glam at the main building. The classy stairway. The mirror. The red brick exterior. A small artificial pond. The talking white bird.

Toasting yourself under the Ilocos sun really brings the Fort Ilocandia holiday to fruition. So how does relaxing your body before leaving the place tomorrow sounds like? Well, availing an outdoor massage and getting cozy at the resort spa looks great! To cool off, you can also consider feeding the animals at the mini zoo, strolling the coastline during the sunset, swimming with friends at night and hearing music at the bar or lounge.

From Top Clockwise: The shopping arcade - fashion finds. The hallway. Souvenirs. Outside the restaurant.

There is no doubt you will enjoy your stay at Fort Ilocandia – perfect happenings in a perfect environment. Where else can you experience all of these luxuries? Only here at your next dream destination!

From Left: A sculptured fierce animal carrying an eagle. The birds of Fort Ilocandia.

WHY NOT: Fun Trips This Holiday (Just beware of the security.)

1. Run naked in the private beach.
2. Camp out at the desert/sand dunes.
3. Gatecrash parties and events.
4. Stroll the place like you are in a public park.
5. Carol at the parking lot.

From Left: Peacock. The dark brown-skinned. An ostrich.

The features of Fort Ilocandia are indeed commendable. By merely looking at the location, you will be amazed. Imagine a resort in the middle of a dry (Sand Dunes) and wet (private beach) area? Plus, the services being offered are simply invigorating. I am just saddened to the fact that Fort Ilocandia is not actually a tourist spot but a VIP hot spot. I am talking here of its affordability to the public at large. Ordinary people and even average vacationers do not have a real access to the place not unless they are going to attend some parties or events. I am very disappointed on the thought that the supposed boom of tourism industry in Ilocos Norte, particularly in Laoag, is being thwarted by this enormous hotel. Now, I am hoping that Fort Ilocandia should not only be the one earning here and celebrating the greatness of the attraction and that there should be an economical hotel built in this scene to accommodate all kinds of tourists. Because tourism… yes, tourism do have its future here! Hotels are mushrooming in the province; we have the latest Java Hotel, Playa Tropical and Pamulinawen Hotel which are all very classy. If we want to boost tourism in Ilocos, we should put up cheaper lodges because what travelers want nowadays is to expend on what to eat and relish during the trip and what to take home and cherish forever and hotel is not of importance here.
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