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Time never stopped its race with the powerful wind breezing in Norte, never surrendered its clash withthe harsh waves splashing in Bangui Bay. The pebbles of Bantoc were exploited, the Windmills were constructed. Then and now, weare beholding the shining inheritance, the flourishing culture and the strengthening spirit, of Bangui, of every Banguinian!
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The place doubles the virginity of even combined neighboring towns Pagudpud and Bangui. If awe comes after seeing the forests of the two other towns, awe joins inspiring after discovering the exquisiteness of Adams rainforests.
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It was a struggling caterpillar at first. Finding ways, begging for love, waiting for the sun. After hardships and efforts, it turned to pupa, getting itself ready for tomorrow, for another coming of the sun. Until its wings formed. From peeking, to crawling, then soaring. And now everyone’s running after its promises! They want to see it! They want to catch it! Truly, Pagudpud have gone this far. Glad, I witnessed Pagudpud’s metamorphosis – its adventure, its fly to fame!
But Caunayan had a rugged look – that is, Saud like a man wearing shades, v-neck white shirt, walk shorts  in his shades and crocs, flaunting style and class while Caunayan like a man in black jacket and cargo pants in combat boots, giving in the other hand, the thrill or the so-called “kick”.
It may not parallel the already mural name of Boracay or the wonder title of Palawan at present. But enlivening a new Da Vinci to paint a masterpiece Pagudpud is a sure thing my friend.
They don't have the scorching fire and the stars; only the humble wind and the native Ilocanos. They don't have the grandest resorts and hotels; only their refreshing coconut unders and nipa cottages.
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Sand Dunes
The place is like a chocnut, so real, so Pinoy! It’s not a toblerone, reese’s or kisses! Nor like Bohol’s Chocolate Hills that exhibit lavishness and is limited to the eye. That is, Ilocos Norte's chocnut mounds, through sand boarding and 4-wheel driving, can be tasted, can be experienced!
Words and photos on Five Reasons to Visit Ilocos Norte.


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