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  • Happy Fiesta Bangui, Ilocos Norte!!!


    Time never stopped its race with the powerful wind breezing in Norte, never surrendered its clash with the harsh waves splashing in Bangui Bay. The pebbles of Bantoc were exploited, the Windmills were constructed. Then and now, we are beholding the shining inheritance, the flourishing culture and the strengthening spirit, of Bangui, of every Banguinian!

    The remaining days of April were counted but the Banguinians, people of Bangui, are still counting all the blessings they received. And so, we need to wrap this up in a major major event, the Bangui Town Fiesta 2011!

    For them, fiesta is a mass fashion of celebrating goodness as well as honoring their patron saint, St. Lawrence. Indeed, it’s a Christian happening; it’s a festivity of oneness, splendor, abundance and the like. Many embrace this occasion next to Christmas as generosity unfurls everywhere you turn. It’s a long Easter week, hence the perfect time to rejoice after the Lenten season. It’s the last sunny days of the month before the rain arrives for May Flower, therefore it's a gift to keep and to treasure in the whole year round.

    The celebration started with a show called Talentadong Banguinian in an Easter Tuesday. As the title implies, the affair showcased the talents of every proud fellow Banguinian. The next day marked Tinuno Festival. It’s a boodle fight with a twist as participants competed for the best tasting grilled food in town. Then the stars came to witness the fifteen candidates for Ms. Kannawidan Festival (Ms. SK Bangui) in the night of Easter Wednesday. The grand parade and street dance graced an Easter Thursday while the Night of the Senior Citizens was held in the evening. Easter Friday welcomed Banguinians all around the globe with the program, Balikbayan Night. And the long week was ended with the Barangay Night which highlighted the crowning of the majesty queen in the last Easter day, Saturday.

    As if it was only yesterday when I was also joining the parade as part of the drum and lyre corporation. The days were gone and now I am only documenting this gathering - taking photos and having some commentaries, which I admit I got to enjoy it too.

    Fiestas during my childhood look more of a festival than what it has nowadays. Before, there are cottage-forming booths of every barangay made up of bamboos and decorated with indigenous materials (sort of a nipa house). These are filled with the products of the barangay such as banig (mat), tambo or ting-ting (cleaning materials), longganisa, bawang (garlic), lasona (onion),  mais (corn) and a lot more which are sold to the public to help town farmers and entrepreneurs. Floats are also more attractive then. They almost look like those of Panagbenga Festival floats in Baguio. There are a lot of fresh flowers on it. Others prefer orchids, palm trees or shrubs and more of ranib and anahaw to display. I call them, mobile gardens - house landscapes transferred to a vehicle. Some also uses indigenous materials to flaunt creativity and style. For instance, crampled papers, piled and painted to form like a bird, duck, etc.; cloths, shaped and colored to exhibit a butterfly in 3D; and hays, cut and braced to create miniature building designs such as a bahay kubo. Sad to say, I'd been longing all of these since high school.

    But what I appreciate during these occasions was the support of the people - boundless and timeless. Everyone participates - from the longest part of the parade, the delegates of the senior citizens to the youth who involved themselves in the different activities such as basketball game, pageant and talent show. The spectators, the crowd, cheering for the contestants and their friends are just exciting and the coordinators, participants, audiences, sacrificing effort and time are just heart-warming.

    What can I say? Bangui Town Fiesta 2011 really refreshed my exhausted world! 'Til next time!


    Robert Cascayan said...

    Im not really fan of TOWN FIESTAS. I rarely go out during those seasons.

    Happy Fiesta. ;))

    Vhincci Subia said...

    One don't need to be a fan to go out during fiestas! Well, sorry, I love fiestas, festivals and other occasions! Haha!

    Anyway, kasama ko si Tin na nanood ng parade. Kagagaling lang nmin nun sa hospi, then stop by sa centro.

    youth_in_asia said...

    Looks like a lot of fun! I love festivals like this. Hope you enjoyed yourself. The photos are fantastic. So much color!

    You can easily do color isolation. It'll take you MAYBE 5 minutes in photo shop. However, when you have photos like yours, you don't need to isolate anything. They all go so well together. Nice entry.

    LV said...

    How very interesting to learn another phase of your world. That sounds like something most everyone can participate in and have fun. As always, nice for you to drop by for a visit.

    Kim, USA said...

    This is what I also missed in the Philippines pag Fiesta bongaceousness talaga. I can only imagine ang lechon at ang mga kakanin, geezzz!! The parade that is so colorful at ang walang katapusang sayawan at inuman lol!!!

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Thanks Jon! I'll try next time. :)

    Yes LV! Fiesta in our country is very enjoyable. It is filled with much fun and happiness. It's the best so far that the Spaniards had influenced to us.

    You're right Manang Kim... I love seeing majestic floats as well as tasting fiesta foods! :)

    Debbie Smith said...

    Now this looks like fun!!
    Thank you for always stopping by my blog! Your comments are always so kind!
    Have a fabulous day!
    Debbie's Travels

    William K Wallace said...

    I love going to festivals, they are always so much fun and full of life. The Bangui Town Fiesta looks like a fantastic event to be at.

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Yes Debbie and William, Bangui Town Fiesta is a one fun event to see... :)

    Elisabeth Hirsch said...

    That looks amazing! How awesome ;)

    Michael said...

    hey vince, finally i'm here to check out your blog.

    First, cool shots! Specially the overhead one... How did you take that? You said in your disclaimer that all photos here are your own. They look great!

    Second, I don't really like crowded places but I enjoy the food that goes along with fiesta celebrations. Filipino hospitality is one of the best in the world. We just have a culture that's unique, unforgettable and fun, fun, fun!

    Third, good job on your blog.

    Take care!

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