Biboy Ramirez Is In The Town!

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  • Walking the shoreline of Pagudpud after Chedeng...

    May 28, 2011 - Biboy Ramirez' body was found dead soul graced up a nearly lifeless sunset at Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte in a still gloomy Saturday, just after typhoon Chedeng hit the country.

    The group came across a man in red jacket and camouflage short, sitting alone in a bench at the beach front, when one friend told us it was him, Biboy Ramirez.

    Is he a star? Is he famous? As a loyal Kapamilya, I'd never seen him acting or doing something much, not until he joined ABS-CBN's Pinoy Mano-Mano, a celebrity boxing challenge along with Jordan Herrara who was later emerged as the winner.

    We approached him and asked some questions. He replied enthusiastically - well, because he smiled at least. He was open for a conversation. We learned after that he was invited to escort in a Santa Cruzan in nearby town Burgos the next day. He just arrived earlier to relax and visit Pagudpud again.

    At present, he can be seen in TV5's TV remake of Bagets, a known teen-oriented movie in the 80's. He plays the role of a parent with senior co-stars Candy Pangilinan, Bernadette Alison, Jao Mapa, Joy Viado, Raymond Lauchengco, etc. 

    Anyway, there are three things I observed:

    1. I hate the smoke of a cigarette, it's smell and how it is emitted by smokers. They are just booming with self-confidence when they smoke. They just don't know, that aside to its associated danger to their health, they are also a one big threat to everyone thru second hand smoking. But when I tried to smell what Biboy was hitting, no stimuli reached my brain to interpret it. In other words, it's of no stress to my airway. I'm such an innocent with these things, these classier cigarettes.

    2. I'm a fashion enthusiast. I can tell wether an apparel is worn the second time around in a show, in Glee for example and even in the local scene. And that bright red jacket before your eyes is also seen with him in one of their press launch I think, in Bagets. Also, his get-up (in the photo) is a flop to me but that's him, his own style and I will just leave it here. I don't judge not like other people do with their fellow.

    3. I do want to have a fairer skin. I am a consumer of whitening products, I admit. This is just a negative side of many Filpinos, many Asians - we hate our tan colors as much as how foreigners love them. If only and if we had our skins the other way around, you will know the feeling. And Biboy had a fair white complexion except in his legs. Well, I have a fairer one - just this thing, just this time. LOL!



    emmanuelmateo said...

    bt dmo ko binalitaan?sana pmunta ako jan para makita ko siya.hehe

    Kim, USA said...

    He looks very familiar. And yes foreigner love our tan skin, while me pahid nang whitening lotion. Hubby told me, they spent tons of money just to have the color of your skin. Simangot lang ako kay hubby lol! Basta ako payong pag mainit at whitening lotion pa rin hahaha!

    Vhincci Subia said...

    @Emman - We didn't expect him that day, especially that it was after Chedeng, how come will a star visit the beach? Right? Hehe! :D

    @Manang Kim - It's true. I understand. They just don't know the feeling. I am sure, I want to be whiter, to have a fairer skin. :)

    Diamond R said...

    pag nasa pinas ka di mo masyadong maaapreciate ang kayumaging kulay.Pero pag nasa ibang bansa ka na magugulat kang talaga papaano sila naiingit sa balat na meron ang pinoy.In Iran minsan ang sabi nila bakit daw ang kulay ng pinoy bronze.

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