The Road Without An Asphalt: My Journey to July 2011 PNLE 2

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  • My everyday routine isn't boring after all.

    Reviewing for the Nursing Licensure Examination this coming July is indeed a tiring one. I may not have played the most strenuous sport but waking up early in the morning as well as going home late in the afternoon really drain my brain. Less oxygen goes in it. My neurons are exhausted. That is, I proceed to my room right away and yes, sleep immediately, without eating my dinner and worst, without taking a bath, everything!

    It's my plan to post a lot of flowers for the month of May but due to my busy schedule, I failed to do so. It's the last day of May yet I'm posting the first and sadly, the last flower for the month. The photo was taken within the university in a cloudy day. It is actually a blossom of a yellow-flowering tree. I just love how these flowers look like in an arranged collective view. And seeing these, like them, refreshes the eye, the feelings, making the day not boring after all.


    Kim, USA said...

    I forgot the name of this flower but there are many like that in the Philippines. I hope people would plant more of that it's very pretty!

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Yes, I am always mesmerized everytime I see the tree with these beautiful flowers... Me either, I don't know its name... Hehe! :D

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