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  • Hold high the green and gold!

    "Hold high the green and gold,
    Waving with pride and hope;
    Inspiring us to rise,
    To reach the greatest heights.
    With your kind guiding hands,
    We know we'll never fail;
    To reach success and give the best,
    For you and our father land." - MMSU Hymn

    The above photo magnificently gives us the inspiring perfect shade for green and gold - the official colors of our university, Mariano Marcos State University. This was taken during the holiday, December, when I was strolling in the joyful street of our barangay (not related, just the feeling perhaps).

    MMSU is a top-performing school in Northern Luzon, mainly exerting its effort in agriculture and forestry as evidenced by their award winning researches. Other than that, the university is also known for its contribution of great engineers, accountants and of course, nurses in the country and in the world. Green for effort and gold for these awesome products!

    Graduation is now encircled red, marked in calendars. Excitement and only excitement is the ambiance of the homes of every graduating Marionites. Topping this happiness are parents which I am sure they are now preparing for the awaited commencement exercise - their long gowns, signature bags, shoes, hair treatment, spa, manicure, contacting catering services and inviting the not-in-the-house relatives.

    To my blogging friends, this marks the end of World of Vhincci | Green for I will be posting about what are in these graduation-ambiance filled homes starting today. Things I am going to miss in school. The graduation practices and preparations. With friends. Family. And all other related stuff. I welcome you to World of Vhincci | Grad!

    A sense of fulfillment for everyone! Happy graduation to all Filipinos!


    LV said...

    Yes, there is always a sadness when you graduate. I felt it even when I was out high school. Get the best education you can and use it. I never had the opportunity to attend college. Wishing you the best in your future. Do not ever give up your writing skills.

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Thank you LV for those encouraging words... I'll definitely not give up my love of writing... :)

    Robert Cascayan said...

    After reading this post, I felt a sudden heartache. Ewan.

    Anyways. Congratulations to all of you! I still remember our last days in high school, choosing which degree, which school, whatever! And now, you(we're) up there! Enjoying the fruits of your(our)struggles.

    Hay Hay Hay. Makapa miss. Very much.
    God Bless You All. Months from now, you vhince will now be applying for white-collared jobs. Cool right?

    emmanuelmateo said...

    hi Vinchii..
    Nagbaliw kat address dba? simula noong hndi kna nag uupdate sa Blog roll im a follower nah.bat gnun.

    Elisabeth Hirsch said...

    Happy graduation :) Very exciting.

    P. S. I love those two colors together. Awesome picture.

    youth_in_asia said...

    As a recent graduate myself, I can sympathize. It's bittersweet. Congratulations, though.

    The photo was an appropriate choice. Excellent green and gold shot.

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Rob. Yeah! Am so happy to graduate... Applying for job? Cool? I think it's kinda difficult. It takes a lot of hardwork.

    You will be graduating too. Soon. :)

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Emman. Yes, I changed my address. You have to RE-FOLLOW me by unfollowing, then following me again...

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Elisa. Thank you! I'm really excited. :)

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Jon of Youth in Asia. Thank you for dropping by again and for the kind words. :)

    NatureFootstep said...

    thank for stoping by my blog. :)
    Your flower resembles one I have. A Hoya. :)

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Thank you also for the visit Nature Footstep! :)

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