White Blossom

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  • A post-Valentine post.

    Ok, I see. Love is peculiar to every individual. That love is unleashed out of the blue. It is spontaneous, a force that unduly stir one's sentiment. You may look crazy. Selfless. Desperate. Who cares? Who knows our feelings? Who had just tasted a bit of bliss? Only us. Right Eyan? 

    Yay! Just got a consent from my friend Eyan to narrate her story of fondness to a guy, sort to have a family, living miles away. Let's just call the, lucky boy, RN. The two met in a not so nice world. I mean in a world of spams, of deceptions, of game-addicts, of pleasure seekers, of superficials, of boredom escapees, of business, of all the assortment in life, Facebook.
    First question, who made the friend request? It's RN. My friend accepted it in one major reason, the guy looks like Adonis.
    "A hell gift from above," as described by Eyan.
    My friend was flattered 'cause she couldn't expect that a guy like him would befriend a simple, healthy, dark lady.

    They get to know each other. Chat. Text. But never a call. RN has a girlfriend and a less-than-1-year-old son. The two are not yet married. RN is a R.N. A registered nurse. An O.R. nurse. They customarily talk about nursing -what my friend Eyan is also taking. The following days, Eyan's feelings blossomed. Yes, like a flower.
    "Because he's nice," my friend explained when the group asked her why. 
    One day, they delve into a conversation, texting each other. Jokes. Laughs. Anything.
    Eyan, still conscious and coherent, texted, "I have a crush on you."
    RN replied. "Wrong send?"
    Eyan, "No, I'm not."
    She waited. For the reply.
    Jake, another friend said, "If he's really on to you, he should replied the soonest."
    RN replied. After 2 hours. Saying, "Hi!"
    He already changed the topic.

    They still text each other but now, not that often. Not that long. Not that expressive. No "Haha" and "Lol." It all became formal. Usual conversations ended abruptly. Then came a week that RN didn't replied anymore to Eyan. RN didn't logged in Facebook. After Eyan told her feelings, is dead air, dead line, all the dead! Emptiness was felt by Eyan.
    "Friendship could have been an option," Eyan.
    The above photos were taken while I was walking around the community, getting some fresh air. A piece of white blossom fell in my head.  I documented it because I have my camera on hand then. I also took a photo of the branch of tree where it came from, viewing the refreshing blue sky. The flower, aside from purity, doesn't have anymore to suggest. Later on, I just let it drift along the ground.


    One Fly said...

    Vhincci- Fly's Picture Place is following you back and thanks for coming over to my place.

    It would be nice if your pictures would get big because they look real nice.

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Thank you One Fly! Suggestion taken... :)

    youth_in_asia said...

    Great shots. I love the spider in your banner. You've got a good eye for composition.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm now following yours too.

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Thank you Jon! I appreciate the comment...
    One question, are you an Asian?

    Kim, USA said...

    Hmmm looks like a friendship cut off so soon? Anyhow, life is not fair I tell yah! But somehow there is always a reason for everything. By the way like your photo, the first one looks like malungay, lol!! ^_^

    Manang Kim

    Vhincci Subia said...

    It's true, "life is unfair." Some people are really not so nice. Beautiful individuals does exhibit incivility and ungraciousness. They don't know how to manage simple things like this. For me, crush is something of admiration and respect. That one should be flattered anyhow. They could have treat themselves as celebrities. They could have say, "Thank you!" and not "Good bye!" Appreciation is just the key here. And my friend is correct on saying "Friendship could have been an option."

    You're right. They are all malunggay. When its flower descended on my head, I just had the time to take a photo of it. And like what RN, the guy, do to Eyan, I took off the flower in my hand, tumbled and left it to the ground. Indeed, there is always a reason for everything.

    Thank you Manang Kim for dropping by. I appreciate all the comments.

    emmanuelmateo said...

    is that malunggay??like it.

    Vhincci Subia said...

    yes emmanuel, malunggay... :)

    LV said...

    A very nice presentation on your friend's love affair. I am not for these computer friendships. I like face to face. You are a very deep thinker on so many issues. I love the little fallen petal gently landing in your hand.

    youth_in_asia said...

    Vhincci, I am sorry I didn't respond earlier. I am actually not Asian. "Youth in Asia" is a play on words. It sounds like "Euthanasia."

    Vhincci Subia said...

    LV. Yes, I love to discuss many issues. And same here, I'm not also on these computer friendships. :) The photos were not that impressive. Just emphasizing the story behind it which is the, I've Fallen For You. The flower fell in my hand while my friend fell to this guy. And in the end, they got nothing. Both dropped. Both abandoned (sort of). Thank you for the comment.

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Jon. Ah, I see. I'm actually laughing at myself now. :D Sorry for my ignorance...

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