Long-Tailed Shrike

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    Everyday, I walk. Everyday, I smile. Everyday, I get inspired. Everyday, I am entertained with the things around. Everyday, I am with nature. Everyday, I appreciate life. Everyday, I thank God. But these "everydays" count. One week? Months? Years? We don't know. This is how short life is.

    In these "everydays", I often encounter fellow life forms - singing, dancing, flying... all busy with their own stuff. Because of them, I am not alone. With them, my eyes spark, my lips move along with my cheeks. Birds, butterflies, spiders - they just touch my heart. I don't know where all of these are coming from. Maybe they are harmless. Maybe they don't bark me like the dogs. Maybe they can't scratch me like the cats. Maybe they don't and can't scare me like the frogs.

    One morning, I was with friends. We were walking on the side of the road, of the highway, national. Then Jake, "Ok, let's cross."

    It was an ordinary day. The sun rising from east. The road starting to be busy. Sounds of cars. Sounds of birds.

    And I crossed the highway, following Jake. Silent. Just watching around.

    There were two birds. Noisy birds. Flirting? I don't know. Arguing? Perhaps. They were following each other. Goes up. Goes down.

    Then came a fierce Fortuner. "Blaaaaaag!" No, that wasn't the sound. Because my friends didn't even noticed it.

    After the car passed are blood. Blood!

    "Jake, the bird!"

    Jake said, "How come you see it?"

    "Because I always observe."

    "I feel sorry for this creature..."


    No matter what we are, we should celebrate life. Enjoy it! Because when the time comes, it comes. And we can't rewind all the "everydays" anymore. 

    The above photos flaunt a long-tailed shrike. These were shot one afternoon, last week, while I was walking, going home from school. As always, as usual, it made me smile again.


    LV said...

    For such a young man you are very good with words. Glad you are joining us in the blog world. I have really enjoyed it. Making so many new friends from all over the world, like you for instance. Was nice of you to visit me and leave a comment. I appreciate you becoming a follower and I joined your friends as well. The story behind your header caught my eye.

    Vhincci Subia said...

    No such things could really exceed appreciations... A very thank you LV!

    All my esteem, admiration and kind words to a blogger like you! Yes, I just turned 20, young man, but look at you, you're in the 80's but still very active... People with the same age as yours in my country are very far from you, from what you are doing... My respect to you LV... It's so nice to meet great people like you... :)

    Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

    Uy not your ordinary bird ah, dito samin puro Maya-maya lang nakikita

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Daming ganyan dito kaso nga lang brown lahat ung kulay, eto ung naiiba, may orange feathers sya... still, they are both called long-tailed shrike...

    Kim, USA said...

    We have so many beautiful birds in the Philippines. What we are not doing is that we didn't take notice of them nor feed them rather people like to catch them and eat or sell!! I so love birds they are free up in the air and I am like that. Your photo is amazing you capture it really well.

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