Speck of China

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  • For happiness, wealth and longevity!

    China exalts its meaning because of its people. We call them the businessmen, the smart and wise individuals. They got a lot of contribution to the world. Philippines alone is a living proof - from tycoons to Binondo to porcelain to Chowking! Great speck! And the greatest would be Rizal, our national hero.
    This February marks the celebration of the Chinese New Year! Shimmering reds and vibrant dragons are again here to bring us luck, charm, love and prosperity. Gong Xi Fa Chai everyone!

    The above photo, although it was taken at the start of the year,  flashes my cousin, a happy kid having a speck of Chinese blood. I just find some connection in it with the celebration everyone is talking about.

    Gong Xi Fa Chai is the Mandarin greetings for the Chinese New Year. From the Urban dictionary, Gong Xi means blessings, Fa means enlarge and Chai means wealth.


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