The Cross and the Horn

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  • Vhincci Subia
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  • Why is life so unfair?

    The cow, bearing horn, in a tree shed, is relaxed on grasses. The church, with the holy cross, amidst the scorching sun, is inclined in agony. These, in reality, all happen, making us to question God, lose our faith, cry and shout, “Life sucks!”
    Personalities, groups, organizations and corporations, either Atheist or anti-Christ, are all living a life an ordinary person could impossibly reach. While those poor, innocent ones, praying every moment of their lives, where hope is the only thing in hand, could not be granted with their aspirations.

    The above photo was not even a scripted shot. I was just walking around the community when I suddenly observed this view. Interest popped in my eye because what I’m seeing then is a reflection of a controversial issue in our society. It got a lot of symbol. It got a lot of message. Anything in mind?


    Elisabeth Hirsch said...

    I'm your newest follower ;) I love this picture.

    Vhincci Subia said...

    thanks Elisa! i appeciate it... :)the photo per se is not appealing but with its thought it can, it can be, it can be controversial...

    again, thank you!

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