The Life Cycle Of A Lime Butterfly: Photographing, Documenting, Observing, Learning

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    Metamorphosis 101 has never been this fun…

    Week-Old Butterfly: This worn-out butterfly landed in a mandarin fruit leaf on a cloudy afternoon waiting its desertion to the world.

    Life’s a journey. We travel in length and time. But no matter what the numbers tell us, it is still the experiences that count. Wait… numbers can’t be counted anymore? They are supposed to be reliable, right? Now, they are mere pretty facts!  So what’s the whole point of this?  In this world that we live in, numbers (kilometers, hours, pesos, etc.) are of little importance – they only make us cram, give us stress, create problems and cause a more complicated life. You’re lucky if you can handle them well. Wow! All praise to you, f–e–w, successful men! But again, I don’t think they are making any sense – like – Ninoy and Marcos should have just embraced each other then instead of wasting time and money. Because, it is absurdly ridiculous having them now, their insubstantial apparitions, watching us, after they have made names years ago! And after all, Philippines is still Philippines. Where I am coming from now is… what if we don’t have clocks, moneys, years or any idea of amounts, quantities… what if we only have air to breathe, food to eat and environment to reside… what if we’re butterflies living in a colorful, unprotected, erratic world… THINK my friend, RELAX your numbers and ENJOY life!

    The Life Cycle Of A Butterfly

    Laying Eggs1A butterfly begins its life as an egg. Butterfly eggs differ in size and shape. Hatching Caterpillar2A caterpillar arises within the egg and comes out of the shell. 

    Molting Caterpillar3A caterpillar spends all its time eating, grows through time and molts to reveal new skin. Emerging Chrysalis4The caterpillar twists and turns to detach its old skin, showing off their new skin, chrysalis, where it will stay for some time and transform to an adult butterfly.


    Becoming Adult5When the change completes, the butterfly splits the chrysalis. Blood is gradually supplied to its immature wings until the butterfly starts to fly. Mating Butterflies6The male and female butterflies join the tips of their abdomens together when they are ready to copulate.


    10 Things To Know About Butterflies

    Butterflies use their antennae for smelling.
    Butterflies use their little hairs on their feet for tasting.
    Butterflies use their tongue for sucking.
    Butterflies have colorful wings for them to find each other.
    Butterflies have spots on their wings that look like big eyes to scare predators.
    Butterflies harm plants during their caterpillar days.
    Butterflies help plants when they carry pollen grains that serve as fertilizers.
    Butterflies hibernate (sleep deeply) during the coldest months.
    Butterflies fly if and only if their body temperature is higher than 300 Celsius.
    Butterflies have sex (stay in the act) for several hours.

    They have worn the sexiest colors. They have landed on the most comfortable leaf. They have tasted the sweetest nectar. They have experienced the greatest pleasure. You may want that too (naughty smile).


    Ann said...

    wow, beautiful...thanks for sharing

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Ann | Thanks! It was really tiring documenting the life of a butterfly... But seeing this was a relief... :)

    Elisabeth Hirsch said...

    So amazing! My kids loved reading this with me. You pictures (as always) are phenomenal. :0)

    Biboy Ordinario said...

    wow! you can't really rush art :) Your patience has paid off with a wonderful work of art :) Very nice! :)

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Elisa | Thanks! It was nice hearing that from you... :)

    Biboy | Thank you! Naman! Work of art daw? Hehe! =)

    Diamond R said...

    amazing.Capturing the beauty of nature.thanks for sharing.

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Diamond | Thanks! Welcome! :))

    birdy said...

    You have beautifully documented the life cycle of Common Lime butterfly (Papilio demoleus).

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Birdy | Thank you for that! :)

    LV said...

    Thank you so much for this great feature on the world of a butterflies. I love them, but seldom see them here. You never cease to amaze me with you ability to write. I still think you should consider being a writer. You are one smart cvookie. I know you will excel on your exam.

    Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

    ang galing!! great nature documentary work pre!

    Michael said...

    This is something I've seen before but will always find interesting every time.

    Thanks for sharing Vince.

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    Vhincci Subia said...

    LV | You seldom see them in the States because you have a cold weather. Butterflies love a warm climate, like here in the Philippines. Thank you for those words. You never cease to make me smile in the other hand. I hope I will excel in the exam - in God's plan. :)

    Christian | Thanks pre! =)

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Michael | Thank you very much!

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