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    It isn’t the world that is in hurry for man’s success, or in panic for its alleged near end. Rather, it is the human mind that accounts for all of these, all the happenings that started off a long time ago when Adam asked God for Eve. The world was entrusted to us but men didn't employ his mind to make all the difference. And so the world had to witness all the transgressions in the land that faded love and peace among mankind as human race continued to show no unity and flaunt clashing powers, that is, from military supremacy to economic influence. Contrariwise, Science and Technology, which seemed to be the only authority out of the erratic human mind with a reserve for development, is making a headway nowadays thru reliable discoveries and state-of-the-art inventions.

    Through Science, man learns the complexities of himself; his body and mind are studied to understand the functioning of an individual. While through technology, man innovates the necessities of himself; his needs and luxuries are developed to satisfy the existence of an individual. Science and Technology is definitely extraordinary in diagnosing and treating diseases - in health; beneficial in doing arduous tasks - in our homes; cool in letting us experience 3D movies  - in entertainment; and most of all, superb and phenomenal in connecting us to our loved ones and other people - in communication. Truly, they had captured the world. It's a domination away from being questioned as it is always for the greater good.

    Communication is undeniably simple but will end up making one in awe when it starts to bring changes from everyday situations such as a mere smile that will increase your community of friends or a group hug that will build a stronger bond and better will create a family, to out of the ordinary circumstances such as educating the public which will make them aware of their responsibilities or counseling a particular person which will help him get through in difficult times. Any form of therapeutic communications may that be, when you need something, it really helps, a gain when you value communication in relationships - intimate, personal, social or public. How much more when we use intermediary devices, those trends in the marketplace?

    The exchange of messages had expanded over the years - mediums, settings, forms, everything! We had the internet, specifically Facebook and Twitter, which were made affordable for consumers to connect with friends, share photos and videos and browse updates on favorite artists and news. We also had touchscreen phones, which are in the process of cutting down prices too, because having one is like holding the usual smartphone - just upgraded and of course operated with effortless touch with no new or important feature. So basically, real social people are still in search on how to communicate and share something right away to the group when they are far as well as how to expand the club, the party and the commotion or how to socialize, meet new people and find them at different places.

    Well, PILIPINAS, the quest is over as Research in Motion (RIM) brings Blackberry BOLD 9780 to the country - satisfying one's sophistication, social needs and modern life with the Blackberry Messaging (BBM)! Indeed, EVERYTHING YOU LOVE in one imposing smartphone!


    Maybe I can say, I was born to be a writer. I learned to write my name at 3, became a young poet at 5, enjoyed composing essays at 9, lead the school paper as editor-in-chief at 11 and joined press conferences up to national in my weakest point, sports writing, at 15. But sadly, these achievements made me less sociable and developed my stage fear like I severely shake everytime I have interviews and speeches. That is, instead of staying in the canteen to meet new friends during breaks and stopping by whenever I encounter prominent people to converse or at least greet them, I prefer doodling in a corner or writing various stuffs and sitting with 2 0r 3 friends in a kiosk. Because of that, people think I'm confused, frustrated, "kill joy", depressed, harmful, antisocial, anything they want to associate! They just don't know how I practiced at home talking in front of the mirror, excessively and expressively, as if I want to sing and dance. After high school, I didn't take up Journalism even I wanted to, probably because I don't want to be called nerd or loner anymore. And so, I ended up in the BSN program, with my top reason - meet good-natured plus brilliant people. Yes, I became particular that time because I was after with the connection I may get. But along the way, I had observed a lot of characters, how people can be cruel, that they desire more than I desire and think more than I think. So before I stumble to such deep-hole group, I stepped backward. I'm happy we weren't in the same road, that I think good enough while they think best in worst. I continued my journey in college. Until I met them, 3 buddies I got to enjoy with the so called "college life." You can count them as in 1-2-3, but you cannot just break us in 1-2-3. Actually, we call ourselves elite because of our rarity (e.g. one skinny writer, one self-assured host, one rich singer and one fat actor).


    Click photos to enlarge! Click here for more photos! [1] [2] [3]

    And now that we already graduated, it would be best to maintain our relationship, in the group and in the whole class as well, through constant communication. With this, I think we NEED Blackberry BOLD 9780 - BBM badly but understandably.
    Blackberry BOLD 9780 – BBM is totally free among Blackberry users. It doesn’t involve passwords like any other downloaded messaging applications that cause stress in case you forgot them, only pins and bar codes.
    During special occasions, I always feel the need to greet my friends and “HAPPY + (e.g. BIRTHDAY!)” is not enough for me as a writer aspirant. So Twitter, goodbye! And Facebook too. Say hello to Blackberry BOLD 9780 – BBM because I can now send my heartfelt lengthy messages.
    Isn't it that there's a healing power of a voice? So if I miss my friends’ voices, I can just request a voice mail from them. What a sweet treat from Blackberry BOLD 9780 – BBM!
    With Blackberry BOLD 9780 – BBM's real time confirmation (D/R), I won’t get mad anymore to friends who actually haven't read my messages yet. Misinterpretations, therefore, miscommunications, are avoided. Totally, BBM cares... 


    Interestingly, I began taking photos when I discovered I can do better than those event photographers in our place during my high school years. I just can't imagine that they are making money out of those amateurish photographs. Plus, I found later that they don't just double but quadruple the price of photo printing. Certainly, it was rude. But I can't help myself but tolerate them this way. I was such an innocent then in running coins and means. Hence, competing with them in the business isn't a good idea at all especially that I was also preparing for college at that time. That is, it would be difficult for me to hit two successful goals knowing that this would be my first ever play in the field. The situation, however, didn't block me off the way of loving photography more. In no time, I entered college. This positively means, I am now exposed to a larger society and newer environment to deal, and which implicitly says, I am now put through a wider subjects and friendlier place to capture. I was enamored with nature, which I think can be best proved from preschool with my drawings of unstructured trees in my artwork classes until college with my doodles of coconut trees, grasses, waterfalls and nipa huts in my handouts in nursing subjects. I always took a shot of what I come upon elsewhere - sunrises and sunsets, blue skies and green ponds. From nature photography, I learned macro photography, where spiders, butterflies, lizards and birds were most of my focus.


    Click photos to enlarge! Click here for more photos! [1] [2] [3]

    My journey in life doesn't end after graduating in college, and nor do my voyage in photography. You can still see me walking in the streets and stopping by the road, in awkward positions, taking shots of interesting and rare details. To help me realize this, I will NEED a snappy gadget that can capture the finest and share the fastest, the Blackberry BOLD 9780 - BBM!
    I won’t get upset with the situation anymore if I’ll be encountering once in a lifetime dramatic and photographic scenes and I forgot my camera. Indeed, Blackberry BOLD 9780, intensified with a 5 MP camera, is definitely a one hot item for photographers, amateurs or not, photo-hobbyists and photobloggers!
    The expandable memory (up to 32 GB) of Blackberry BOLD 9780 will let one save a lot of memories, of musings – from photos to videos of bondings, hang-outs, laugh trips and of course, sweet moments.
    From a hot item to a cool gadget, Blackberry BOLD 9780 – BBM is such an impressive tool, like I can take a photo, share the file and make it popular to the community without transferring the file to my laptop, logging in a networking site, typing a password, taking so long in uploading, etc.
    Be it an image of the sunset I just captured while strolling in the beach, a video of last night's concert in Manila or an audio of the latest pop trend worldwide, I can share it with Blackberry BOLD 9780 – BBM.


    I want to travel the world! I had this interest since the introduction of Philippine History and Geography in my long elementary years, the exploration of Asia in my limited high school months and the depiction of the society across the globe in my brief college days. At first, I was stunned with the exquisiteness of the world, then later I came to appreciate the life that lies in it. Cultures, civilizations, the people, all of these, were added to the things I want to get hold of in traveling. I want to ride what they drive, I want to eat what they cook, I want to experience what they enjoy and I want to try all the things what their community has to offer to the world. I do believe that seeing only what is beautiful in a place is just creating a photo album and knowing them, their way of life is way making a movie. But until now, I haven't watched that movie. I haven't finished making it. The problem is, no matter how much I have all these yearnings, I don't have any earnings yet. Presently, I am depending to my parents, in the post-graduation phase of my life and in my journey to the Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination. And so, I am stuck with the initial scene.  That is, I am currently hopping around Ilocos Norte, my home province - going through all the shortcomings of a rural life but still enjoying the most of it - the beaches, the ricefields, the rivers, the mountains, the fresh air, the sitios, the community people. I started blogging not only to share my personal life, my experiences, my hobbies or my interests but also to share, to tell what Ilocos Norte is all about. Maybe, Ilocos Norte is a pro-Marcos one, but let us just leave it there. Let's all reunite and begin a peaceful Philippines. Get over what's in the news and spread love. Come to Ilocos Norte and experience the world in an Ilocano way!


    Click photos to enlarge! Click here for more photos! [1] [2]

    For me, traveling is like a message that should be send, that if not, will be sealed in an envelope and will never be read, ending up the sender to such feeling of inexpression. To cool off this frustration, I NEED BBM that will subdue my solitude and uphold my social life when traveling.
    Blackberry BOLD 9780 won’t likely  cause bridge overload in my town cruising and make my pocket’s parking area full, as it only weighs 122 g and measures 60 mm wide by 109 mm tall by 14 mm thick. Now, my travel would be lighter and happier!
    Operation “Finding Charles, The Charger” and “Finding Lita, The Outlet” won’t set off interruption anymore when traveling because Blackberry BOLD 9780 provides 6 hours talk time, 36 hours music playback time and 528 hours standby time. Awesome!
    The not so great viewing angle of Blackberry BOLD 9780, perceived as a flaw by everyone, gives me, however, a positive upshot – it’s the confidentiality in my messages, personal or important ones, thus, the feeling of security too.
     Above all, Blackberry BOLD 9780 – BBM doesn’t only connect people but also places and people. I can tell stories about my place and share it to friends. I can paint my Ilocos Norte in words and share it to the world.

    Blackberry BOLD 9780 - BBM is a gadget that accentuates VIP treatment. Exclusivity? Yes! It holds the “true elitism”.

    The magic of Blackberry BOLD 9780 - BBM comes with its micro-blogging features. Imagine, going beyond the limitations of Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Wordpress and Blogger! Wow!

    The true interaction is here - no stalkers, no fake accounts, no bogus consumers or buyers, no profile-disturbing FB applications, no virus-programmed Twitter followers! It's only with Blackberry BOLD 9780 - BBM!

    Business, travel, photography, sports, media, whatever you do, wherever you are, Blackberry BOLD 9780 – BBM will give you the best of smartphones!

    »» do what you LOVE what you do ««

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    Robert Cascayan said...

    Di kalang pala writer and photographer
    Magaling ka pa sa salestalk. Multi talented ka talaga.

    So you're using a BB now?

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Rob | As in? Haha! Thanks! Anyway, this post/article is my entry to a contest. Using a BB now? Not yet. But I hope, so soon... *cross fingers* :))

    Robert Cascayan said...

    Oh I see. Thats nice. Ikaw na talaga.

    :)) I dont like BB, I'd rather love to own a Samsung smartphone. Hehehe.

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Rob | No, BB is better! Hehe! :D

    Kim, USA said...

    Parang na salestalk mo ako sa blackberry ah hehe. Kidding aside I don't use high tech phone it's a choice though. But can't live without my laptop and my camera that's all what I need ^_^ Great post here you are really good.

    Vhincci Subia said...

    Kim | I must also say, camera and laptop are indeed our priorities - for us bloggers and photo addicts... Thank you for the visit! I am so back Manang! :)

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